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Guide to Planning a CME Activity
This document will assist you in the educational planning required for a live
CME activity by helping you through the UCSF CME credit request. Download PDF and Slides.
Mind the Gap
CME activities should be designed to foster improvements in physician practice. A specific educational planning cycle is required to achieve this goal. View more.
ACCME New Criteria Toolkit
View more.


Policies Forms

For form requests, please contact Jerome Borjal ( and Stacey Samuels (

Credit Request Submission Schedule:

Submissions are processed on the first Monday of each month. On holidays, submissions are processed the Friday prior to the holiday. All submissions received by the submission deadline follow a process that ends with the governing board’s feedback and/or approval in the subsequent calendar month. You can expect the governing board decision session to happen no later than the second Tuesday of each month. (Example, a submission on the first Monday of January will go to final decision no later than the second Tuesday of February.)

Once the governing board has made a decision and/or provided feedback, the Office of CME normally sends approval letters within 10 days of receiving final decisions and feedback from the governing board. These letters go the Event Planner/Administrator indicated on the application, and the Activity Chair.

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