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Liver and Gastrointestinal Pathology Update

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The course you selected is now closed to online registration. Please call 415.476.5808 to ask about how to register at the course.

Department: Pathology
Course Number: MAP10004
Start: Thursday, September 03, 2009
End: Friday, September 04, 2009
Location: San Francisco, California
Sir Francis Drake Hotel San Francisco
Fees: $400 - Physicians
$300 - Allied Health Professionals
$250 - Trainees
$75 Lunch Tutorials*

*limited enrollment
UCSF Association of Clinical Faculty Vouchers are accepted for this course. For more information please call the Office of Continuing Medical Education at 415-476-4251. 
Credit: 13.25 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™

This course provides general surgical pathologists with an update of practical diagnostic issues that will be useful in everyday practice.


  • Steatohepatitis
  • Fibrosis/Cirrhosis
  • Immunohistochemistry of tumors to differentiate metastatic lesions from hepatocellular carcinoma
  • Update on benign hepatocellular lesions
  • Problem lesions to differentiate from acute and chronic hepatitis
  • Update on iron overload
  • Problem vascular flow lesions
  • Problematic pancreatic tumors and dysplasias
  • Serrated polyps of the colon and other issues for reporting of colon cancer
  • Dysplasia’s of GI tract
  • Problem colitides
  • Other problem areas of small bowel and gastric pathology, including polyps and cancers

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An attendee completing this course should be able to improve:

  • To focus on what factors help in the correct processing of the liver biopsy specimen.
  • Develop competencies for the criteria that determine the new classifications of hepatic adenomas and focal nodular hyperplasia, as well as the new immunhistochemical techniques to distinguish benign and malignant tumors of the liver.
  • Discuss the criteria and problems in the diagnosis and differentiation of various forms of hepatitis, including viral and autoimmune hepatitis, as well acute hepatitis and steatohepatitis in order to improve competencies in diagnosis and fill in practice gaps in the differentiation of acute from chronic hepatitis.
  • Be made aware of the rising public health epidemic of fatty liver disease in adults and children, and to develop competency in making the pathologic diagnosis.
  • Focus on the problem of diagnosis of fibrosis in the liver as related to etiology and patterns of disease in order to improve competency in this practice gap.
  • Describe the new developments in the diagnosis and pathogenesis for genetic and acquired iron overload of the liver to fill the information practice gap.
  • Study the criteria for the diagnosis of vascular lesions in the liver as a rare, but major problem practice gap for general pathologists
  • Review the criteria for dysplasia of Barrett's esophagus and stomach to develop competency in this problem lesion.
  • Discuss the spectrum and diagnostic criteria of lesions of the small bowel and the problem areas of colitis in order to determine etiology, in order to establish competency for these lesions.
  • Study the diagnostic criteria to separate both polyps of the stomach from early gastric cancer as well as distinguish hyperplasic polyp from serrated adenoma of the colon, a precursor to colon cancer, and to also develop competency in the reporting of colon cancer.

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The University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine (UCSF) is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

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Course Outline:
For course slides, please visit this link.

Thursday September 3, 2009
7:30am Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:20-8:30 Welcome
Linda Ferrell, MD

8:30-8:50 How to Get the Most out of the Liver Biopsy: Technical Tips Simple Algorithms
Kenneth Batts, MD

8:55 -9:40 Update on Benign Hepatocellular Tumors, the Problem Diagnosis and New Pathomolecular Classifications
Valerie Paradis, MD

9:45-10:20 Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Differentiation from Other Primary Tumors and Metastatic Neoplasms
Sanjay Kakar, MD

10:25-10:45 BREAK

10:45-11:20 Chronic Hepatitis, and the Problem Diagnosis
Neil Theise, MD

11:25-12:00PM Autoimmune Liver Disease
M Kay Washington, MD, PhD

12:00-1:30 Lunch on own

12:15 – 1:15 TUTORIAL A: Pancreas: problem diagnoses in surgical pathology
* separate fee of $75 (includes lunch). Limited enrollment.
Grace Kim, MD

1:30 Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis
Elizabeth Brunt, MD

2:20-2:40 Pediatric Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis
Cynthia Behling, MD

2:45-3:05 BREAK

3:05-3:35 Acute Hepatitis/Fulminant Liver Failure
Charles Lassman, MD, PhD

3:40 Introduction of Special Lecturer
Linda Ferrell

3:45-4:45 Special Lecture in honor of Sir Roddy MacSween
Topic: Problematic Diagnoses of Fibrosis/Cirrhosis
Alastair Burt, MD, FRCPath

4:45-5:15: MacSween Tribute
Alastair Burt, MD, FRCPath
Linda Ferrell, MD

5:15-6:30 Reception

Friday September 4, 2009
7:30am Continental Breakfast

8:25-8:30 Welcome
Linda Ferrell, MD

8:30-9:15 Iron overload
Prithi Bhathal, MD

9:20-10:00 The Hepatic Vasculature: Missed Lesions, Missed Diagnoses
James Crawford, MD, PhD

10:05-10:25 BREAK

10:25-11:05 Esophageal and Gastric Dysplasia
Marie Robert, MD

11:10-11:55 Gastric Polyps and Early Gastric Cancers
Gregory Lauwers, MD

12:00-1:3pm Lunch for attendees on own

12:15 – 1:15 TUTORIAL B: Case discussions: Problems in liver disease
* separate fee of $75 (includes lunch). Limited enrollment.
Matthew Yeh, MD

1:30-2:10 Small Bowel Lesions
Laura Lamps, MD

2:15-2:55 Serrated Polyps of the Colon
Dale Snover, MD

3:00-3:20 BREAK

3:20-4:00 Colorectal Carcinoma, Reporting in 2009
Wendy Frankel, MD, PhD

4:05-4:45 Endoscopic Biopsy Diagnosis of Colitis
Joel Greenson, MD

4:50-5:00 Closing remarks
Linda Ferrell, MD

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Linda D. Ferrell, MD
Professor and Vice Chair
of Pathology
University of California,
San Francisco

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Alastair Burt, BSc MD
FRCPath, FIBiol
Professor of Pathology; Dean of
Clinical Medicine, University of
Newcastle upon Tyne; Honorary
Consultant Histopathologist,
Royal Victoria Infirmary,
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Kenneth P. Batts, MD
Hospital Pathology Associates
Maple Grove, MN

Cynthia Behling, MD,PhD
Pacific Rim Pathology Group
Sharp Memorial Hospital
San Diego, CA

Prithi Bhathal, MD, FRCP
Department of Pathology
The University of Melbourne
Victoria, Australia

Elizabeth M. Brunt, MD
Professor, Department of
Pathology & Immunology;
School of Medicine, Washington
University, St. Louis, MO

James M. Crawford, MD, PhD
Chair, Department of Pathology
and Laboratory Medicine;
Senior Vice President of
Laboratory Services,
North Shore-Long Island
Jewish Health System
Long Island, NY

Wendy L Frankel, MD
Professor, Vice Chair. and
Director of Anatomic Pathology
Department of Pathology
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH

Joel Greenson, MD
Professor of Pathology
University of Michigan Hospitals
Ann Arbor, MI

Sanjay Kakar, MD
Associate Professor of Pathology
University of California,
San Francisco

Grace E. Kim, MD
Associate Professor of Pathology
University of California,
San Francisco

Laura W. Lamps, MD
Professor and Director of
Anatomic, Pathology, University
of Arkansas, Little Rock, AR

Gregory Lauwers, MD
Director of Surgical Pathology
and Gastrointestinal Pathology
Service, Massachusetts General
Hospital; Associate Professor of
Pathology, Harvard Medical
School, Boston, MA

Charles R. Lassman, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Pathology
University of California,
Los Angeles

Valérie Paradis, MD, PhD
Professor, Laboratoire
d’Anatomie Pathologique
Hospital Beaujon
Clichy Cedex, France

Marie Robert, MD
Professor of Pathology and
Medicine; Director, Program in
Gastrointestinal Pathology
Director, Fellowship in
Gastrointestinal Pathology
Yale University School of
Medicine, New Haven, CT

Dale C. Snover, MD
Adjunct Professor of Laboratory
Medicine and Pathology
The University of Minnesota
Medical School, Minneapolis, MN
Pathologist, Fairview Southdale
Hospital, Edina, MN

Neil Theise, MD
Professor of Pathology;
Associate Professor of Medicine
Division of Digestive Diseases
Beth Israel Medical Center
New York, NY

Michael Torbenson, MD
Associate Professor of Pathology
Johns Hopkins University School
of Medicine, Baltimore, MD

M. Kay Washington, MD, PhD
Professor of Pathology
Director, Gastrointestinal and
Hepatic Pathology, Vanderbilt
University, Nashville, TN

Matthew M. Yeh, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of
Pathology, University of
Washington Medical Center
Seattle, CA

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Travel & Lodging:
Sir Francis Drake Hotel
450 Powell Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Hotel Rates: $189 per night

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Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations received in writing before the first day of the course will be refunded, less a $75 administrative fee. No refunds will be made on cancellations received after that date.

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